LastPass is launching a new secure passwordless login

Password management provider LastPass is launching a new secure passwordless login to the LastPass vault via the LastPass Authenticator, creating a passwordless password manager, which the company says is a first for the security industry.

With the new passwordless sign-in, Lastpass users will be able to access their desktop vault without entering the master password. Instead, they can now use the LastPass Authenticator app to grant access. You’ll be able to use your phone’s biometrics, such as a fingerprint scanner or Face Unlock, to authenticate requests. LastPass says it’s the first password manager to offer such a feature.

There are a number of advantages to passwordless login, particularly in the context of password managers, which house a treasure trove of personal information and account credentials.

The main benefit is that authentication systems based on biometrics are immune to phishing, password-stuffing attacks and security risks created by the reuse of passwords (e.g. third-party data breaches).

The company says it is actively building FIDO2 compliant components and supporting authentication mechanisms, such as biometric face and fingerprint ID, and the addition of hardware security keys which are expected to be added to the passwordless offering later this year.

These passwordless login abilities eliminate the need for the master password as the primary method of authenticating a user logging into a LastPass vault.

Notably, Apple also announced at WWDC that it’ll be adding support for FIDO passkeys in Safari to enable passwordless sign-ins across the web and apps.

The passwordless log-in option will be rolling out to all LastPass users starting this week.

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